Justin Smith, President and CEO

Justin has been part of the TBR team for more than a decade, possessing ­multiple years of training in Total Process Reliability (TPR) and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM). Justin has served the company in a variety of roles at TBR over the years, with his most recent being elevated to the role of President/CEO.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/justin-smith-5553b3157/

As part of the TBR Strategies Team, Justin has guided several construction and waste hauling clients in the development and execution of improvements to their maintenance practices.
Before joining the TBR team, Justin worked for more than four years in industrial construction consulting, including operations and maintenance of a wide range of equipment and vehicles from trucks to heavy industrial equipment. In addition, Justin spent several years operating stationary and mobile equipment in support of paper mill operations.
Justin’s background doesn’t only include maintenance and safety of equipment; he also is well-versed in ensuring human resources are utilized safely and responsibly. As such, he spent several years supporting operations at one of the largest phosphate mining and chemical plants in the country; this included responsibility for basic operator care, preventive maintenance and routine service activities for equipment, resulting in minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.
Justin has coordinated numerous CLAIRE/Equipment Improvement Team (EIT) and 5S events. He is a trainer for Operator Care and other TPR Initiatives such as Cause Mapping, Root Cause Analysis, Lubrication Practices, Basic Electrical, Management of Change, Fleet Asset Management, Train-the-Trainer and Plant Maintenance.
As a leader in the industry, Justin’s expansive knowledge of industry Best Practices have produced clear results for companies searching for improving maintenance practices, equipment reliability, business operations, safety, organization, efficiency, and employee relations. He has written a variety of articles on maintenance topics for trade publications.
He is a member of the Association for Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) as well as having the honor of speaking at their conferences.